Five best highlights from 2017 Pro Bowl

The AFC defeated the NFC 20-13 at the 2017 Pro Bowl with Lorenzo Alexander taking home defensive MVP and Travis Kelce winning offensive MVP.

But beyond the low-scoring game were plenty of highlights of players just having fun, which is really what the Pro Bowl is all about. It’s a time where penalties for celebrations don’t happen, and players can just be themselves.

Jay Ajayi’s forward momentum was stopped early on in the play, which Cheap High Quality Jerseys should have been the end of his run. But multiple Vikings defensive players decided it would be fun to carry the Dolphins running back up in the air, and the refs allowed it to happen.

If you haven’t heard of salt bae then congrats on not being on the internet this month.

The strange Turkish chef went viral earlier for his videos where he does entirely too much with the meats he deals with. One video in particular got attention for the way he sprinkled salt, and it instantly became a hit.

Michael Bennett has been flagged and fined for his pumping celebrations, but the Pro Bowl is different. With positive vibes being sent out everywhere, the Seahawks defensive end was allowed to pump all he wanted, and he wasn’t held to just two.

The Cowboys rookie tackled a fan who somehow got onto the field, and then decided to race him, showing everyone just how truly gifted athletes are. I mean, the fan had a solid 5-yard head start on Elliott, and then the rookie caught up with him without putting forth much effort.

Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib made headlines this season when he yanked the chain from Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree.

Well, at the Pro Bowl, he and Oakland punter Marquette King decided to re-create the moment, leading to plenty of laughs. Although it is a bit strange to see King mock his own teammate, who was understandably upset over the incident.

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