How many times did you end up re-watching Super Bowl 51?

Any time you get started on your next goal … The (Super Bowl) sting is still going to be there. That’s fine. You can use that as motivation. I think we will. But I think today and this week is a real start for us toward next season. That’s what it’s all about. Get rid of that last game, the last few minutes of that last game, and start working on this season.

How many times did you end up re-watching Super Bowl 51?

I think three times. (Laughs) That was enough. It was probably one or two (times) too many. We did some really good things in that game. We were very well prepared. Our process was really good. We came out and competed well.

The argument behind this disdain is that there’s nothing magical that happens after the 10th point, rebound, or assist, that the allure of the achievement only exists because human beings are attracted to round numbers. There’s little difference between a performance that ends in 30, 10, 10, and one that ends in 29, nine, nine.

In this MVP argument, triple-doubles are only cool and great when certain players do it. Otherwise, it’s an arbitrary measurement, unlike factoring in team wins in an individual award.

But the problem is some of these non-coaching positions aren’t shams. There are Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids analyst jobs, quality control posts, and grad assistant roles that are on-ramps to Cheap MLB Authentic Jerseys the college coaching profession but will no longer be available to some people.

Some high school coaches aren’t qualified enough yet to be on the field at the college level, and now the NCAA has cut off a simple way for them to work their way into one of those positions.