NBA trade rumors: Evaluating Kyrie Irving’s potential impact on Knicks, Timberwolves

When news broke late Friday that Kyrie Irving had requested a trade, it was reported the Cavs were given four preferred destinations: New York, Miami, Minnesota and San Antonio. While several teams have likely inquired about adding the All-Star guard, it looks like the Knicks and Timberwolves have become serious potential landing spots after appearing on Irving’s initial list.

Although Puig hasn’t boosted his OPS by much this season (.776), his ISO is 55 points higher (.208) than a year ago. He emphasized his 18 home runs is a credit to exhibiting extra commitment to his profession as well. Imagine that sort of pop coming from the No. 8 hole in a lineup; Roberts doesn’t have to.

The 26-year-old Puig now arrives earlier to the cages before each game, looking to maintain a consistent approach to his swing with hitting coach Turner Ward. He’s also on pace to mash a career-high 29 homers this season.

Bat flips are still clearly a part of his routine, though. Puig said he couldn’t imagine curbing his home run celebration, especially against the Marlins on July 14. After sending a three-run homer beyond the left-center wall to give his team a 6-4 lead in the ninth, Puig continued to parade his infamous move.

“It’s better to flip the bat than flip the finger,” Puig said. “This is baseball. You need to make something fun. You (the pitcher) strike me out and yell at me, that’s a Raiders Cheap Jerseys big moment for you.”

Moreover, Puig said his enthusiasm for the sport is a microcosm Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys of Los Angeles’ entire offensive juggernaut and an indication of this year’s postseason goals.

The marriage between Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders makes sense in virtually every way.

If he can decrease the turnovers, work on his mechanics as a passer, and add some heft to his 6’3, 216-pound frame, he could be the biggest steal of the draft.

People have compared drafting Dobbs to the Dallas Cowboys selecting quarterback Dak Prescott in the fourth round in last year’s draft. Some believe Dobbs has the same skill set and presence to contribute Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys immediately like Prescott did.

He thinks his superhero equivalent is The Flash. In a recent interview with ESPN The Magazine, he said that in high school he was called Superman, but prefers a different superhero nickname.

Around here they call me Flash. I prefer Flash. He’s the fastest man alive, but he isn’t invulnerable like Superman, he doesn’t have all these powers, so he has so much pressure on him to keep up with the Justice League, and he handles it so well. That’s my life.

The marriage between Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders makes sense in virtually every way. Lynch is an Oakland guy, the Raiders needed a running back after letting Latavius Murray walk in free agency, and Lynch playing for his hometown team is a feel-good story the city needs before the team relocates to Las Vegas.

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It’s understandable why the Raiders and NFL fans in general are Where To Buy Cheap Jerseys so excited about Lynch in Oakland — from the “Beast Quake,” to his now-trademarked “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” catchphrase, Lynch has become one of the most fun and unpredictable players in the NFL.