NHL draft lottery 2017 live stream: Start time, TV channel, and how to watch online

It’s time for the most exciting and drawn-out 20 minutes in hockey: the annual NHL Entry Draft lottery.

The 2017 edition will be a little different thanks to the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s 31st team. The lottery will determine the order of the first 15 picks of the 2017 NHL Draft, which is held in late June.

Vegas will get the same odds of winning first overall as the team finishing the season in 28th place; in this case, that’s the Arizona Coyotes at 10.8 percent odds.

There’s no real consensus top player in the draft this year, but there’s a race for the top pick between center Nolan Patrick and center Nico Hischier. Overall, this draft is expected to be weaker than in recent years. But you never know.

I’m not as worried about Brian Dozier, who will at the very least be quietly excellent. At the very most, he’ll be obnoxiously excellent.

We don’t even have to engage in fanboy speculation, like my secret hopes that Mauer will undergo a zimmermanectomy during the season and become an MVP candidate a gain.

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