basketball players have varying levels of responsibility

It’s May, and the White Sox are in second place. If the season ended right now, they would go to Yankee Stadium for the Wild Card Game, and they’re just a half-game behind the Indians for first place. I’d reckon one Chris Sale would be worth that half-game, if not much more, and with him on the roster, the White Sox would be in first. Eaton wouldn’t have gotten hurt on a freak play, either, which is better for everyone involved.

This validates my November opinions, right? This must be analogous to when the Twins traded Johan Santana and missed the postseason by a single game the next season. I get to take a victory lap and write the piece I was hoping for, which is, “The White Sox are contending, and they shouldn’t have traded Chris Sale and Adam Eaton?”

Nah. I was wrong then, and I’m not going to double down on it. The White Sox are going to be really bad, everyone, and they’re going to enjoy their Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech spoils for years. Some words to convince you:

Certainly, basketball players have varying levels of responsibility, skill, and expectations on offense and defense. There are defense-first wings who you would not expect to shoot Cheap Softball Jerseys much and there are high-usage scoring mavens you would not ask to guard the opposing team’s best weapon. For those who do both, we have that odd little moniker: two-way player.

Traditionally, we’ve given the title of two-way player to elite defenders who are also good scorers or creators. Scottie Pippen used to get the tag and Ron Artest was a common answer in the previous decade. More recently, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have taken the mantle.

With the exception of Thompson, whose presence in the conversation was driven somewhat by the desires of his agent, you usually don’t hear elite scorers who are also good defenders called two-way players. John Wall, for instance, is best known as an offensive weapon. He defends quite well. Few include him in the two-way player conversation. After all, he’s no Kawhi Leonard.