There are things the Mets could have done differently

This is the leading theory for the increase in Tommy John surgeries. Pitchers throw harder. They’re stronger, but that comes at a cost. So when you get a super-rotation like the Mets (or the Indians last year), it’s almost more of a “when they run into injuries” instead of an “if.” It’s always been like that, but it’s exponentially more so in the modern game.

Or to get technical: It is what it is. A team with seven guys who all throw 95 with a wipeout breaking ball is a team that knows they might be down to two of them without warning.

And there really isn’t anyone to blame.

There are things the Mets could have done differently, I’m sure, and the most recent Harvey situation was borked on a couple different levels. But I don’t think blame is what needs to go around. Just hugs and crossed fingers. The Mets are a mess, and they’re a mess in a way that’s extraordinary hard to watch.

Whether George leaves or stays with the Pacers has nothing to do with what’s happening right now. The current issue is that George is frustrated because he has done everything individually possible to help his team win, and everyone else has let him down. The Pacers will be out of the playoffs because of bad coaching decisions, bad personnel decisions, and bad play from the rest of the team. They will Basketball Jerseys Cheap lose because once again, Paul George is the only one performing to the level required.

At this point, he seems to be the only one who really cares at all.