Blue Jays, Jose Bautista agree to 1-year deal, reports say

Free-agent right fielder Jose Bautista reached agreement Tuesday on a one-year deal with the Blue Jays, according to multiple reports.

According to FanRag Sports, the deal is worth $18 million guaranteed in 2017 with options that could take it to as much as $60 million over three years.

“You’re never going to see that again in your life … never. You’re never going to see the show Mark and I put on … never. You’re not going to see that excitement again. We were the ones bringing more fans to the stadium … I feel proud of what I did. The only thing is, they can say whatever they want to say about me. First of all, I’m clean. They don’t have a case on me. I never failed a drug test. Never in my life.

“But you know what – this is not my field anymore. I’d rather not be in the Hall of Fame and have a lot of money in my pocket than to be in the Hall of Fame and try to find money to pay my bills (laughing) … You saw me grow up, you saw how hard I was working. A lot of people say so many things, but I’m telling you — they have nothing on me. I’m not going to go out there begging, because they have no case. They had the Mitchell Report trying to find something, but they had nothing on Mr. Sosa.”
Asked a follow-up question about whether he believed he Cheap Jerseys USA had been found guilty without any evidence being presented, this was Sosa’s response:

“Chuck, it’s like Jesus Christ when he came to Jerusalem. Everybody thought Jesus Christ was a witch (laughing) — and he was our savior. So if they talk s— about Jesus Christ, what about me? Are you kidding me?”

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